EarthBox Self Watering Container
"If you’re short on space but want the production of a big garden, give an EarthBox a try. "
Feb 16, 2012
The New Sunset Western Garden Book
Feb 14, 2012
Free-Range Chicken Gardens: How to Create a Beautiful, Chicken-Friendly Yard
By Jessi Bloom
Feb 10, 2012
Blueberries: The Fruitful Container Beauty
Feb 10, 2012
Book: 1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die
Feb 10, 2012
The New Low-Maintenance Garden
By Valerie Easton
Feb 3, 2012
Create a Pallet Planter
Feb 2, 2012
The Houseplant Expert
Jan 31, 2012
Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities
By Amy Stewart
Jan 28, 2012
Book: The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control:
A Complete Problem-Solving Guide to Keeping Your Garden and Yard Healthy Without Chemicals (Paperback)
Jan 28, 2012
Gutter Gardening for Small Spaces
Jan 27, 2012
The Victory Garden Companion
By Michael Weishan and Laura Donnelly
Jan 20, 2012
Thinking Spring and Here Comes the Snow
Jan 19, 2012
Book: The New Low-Maintenance Garden: How to Have a Beautiful, Productive Garden and the Time to Enjoy it
Jan 14, 2012
The Esssential Garden Design Workbook
By Rosemary Alexander
Jan 13, 2012