Tomorrow's Garden

Tomorrow's Garden

By Stephen Orr

It's no secret that I practice sustainable gardening methods and that my family and I are working toward becoming self sufficient on an urban lot. In my constant quest for information and new ideas, I came across a new book on sustainable home gardening. Intrigued, I brought it home.

In “Tomorrow's Garden: Design and Inspiration for a New Age of Sustainable Gardening” (2011), author Stephen Orr strives to show readers how they can turn a garden large or small into a self sustaining environment. He primarily focuses on garden design, but does throw in some information on city chickens and livestock.


I'm a bit torn on this book. It provides some solid information, but much of it is simplified. Overall, the writing is an excellent introduction to someone new to the theories and methods of sustainable gardening, but provides minimal value to those with some experience.


The photographs are another story. While they only meet the standard in garden photography quality, they do provide a multitude of ideas and inspiration pieces for creating your own sustainable garden paradise. I personally loved just flipping through the book and examining the images. This in part could be because the small typeface used throughout was a bit difficult to read.


Overall, I recommend this book as a good intro to sustainable garden practices. If you would like some inspiration pictures, it may be worth picking up as well. But really, there are better books out there for those of us pursuing this gardening method.