BOOK: Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening

BOOK: Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening

BOOK: Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening

Author: Dick Raymond          

Gardening is the best way to enjoy your day with your family. It is fun and at the same time an enjoyable way for your body to exercise. The book also describes the primary benefits in having a garden. The author stressed that if you have a garden in your backyard you can ensure that the vegetables you’re eating are chemical free.

Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening shared how to run your own garden, how to make fruits and vegetables grow healthy. In this book I learned about the process of growing one’s own garden. In this book the author Dick Raymond shows that he was using an organic fertilizer for the vegetables.

 I learned about so many different ways of designing a garden, the kind of plants and vegetables to plant. He shared many helpful ideas on how to plant seeds. There are different techniques in taking care and properly growing your vegetables.  Dick Raymond shared alternatives to fertilizers containing chemicals and pesticides. 

 The author also describes the soil that is best for plants to be planted. He helps us determined the best soil and different kind of soils.

 Gardening is not for everyone and is hard work.  You need to have your full attention on your plants and think of the best option to have the best harvest all of the time. This book will help and guide you regarding gardening. This will give us more knowledge when it comes to gardening. The author Dick Raymond got his start by having a farm, was able to pay for first home with a roadside stand and garden, he has appeared on many food  production related documentaries, given gardening classes on radio and television.